Corona Measures

At Morgan & Mees, we value our guests’ health and safety highly.

Therefore, we have taken the following measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Every guest is asked to disinfect their hands when they arrive
  • Tables are cleaned with disinfectant in between different guests
  • Menus are cleaned with disinfectant in between different guests
  • All other touchpoints are cleaned with disinfectant every hour
  • Specific routes are indicated on the floor to prevent people from crossing paths
  • There is 1 entrance and 1 exit. You cannot exit through the entrance or the other way around.
  • Our staff is instructed to regularly wash their hands and minimize touching any objects
  • All objects that have been touched by guests/staff are thoroughly cleaned before using again
  • All tables are situated with a 1.5 meter distance in between them
  • Guests that do not belong to the same household must keep a 1.5 meter distance

Please respect the guidelines when you visit Morgan & Mees.

We hope to welcome you soon.